Ideas On What To Say To A Bereaved Parent

Today I took Jake to a party at the temple that we used to belong to. As soon as I parked the car Jake took off to play and hang out with his friends. It was a very spontaneous decision to attend. I generally need to

Today I went to a funeral…

I went to a funeral today. It was for a little boy that was only seven years old. I've been to more funerals for children over the past four years since we entered this world of childhood cancer than I can count. Viewing the grief of

Valentine’s Day Hearts from Gabriella

Happy Valentine's Day! What holiday could be more perfect than one filled with love and hearts! Valentine's Day was one of Gabriella's favorite holidays. Even as a little girl Gabriella would want us to get her flowers and chocolates and things that had hearts on/in them.

Our Love Never Dies

I spent time with one of my dearest friends today. She didn't have an easy childhood. As a matter of fact, it was quite horrible. She is bright and bubbly. She is a friend that you know has your back. You know that you can count

Between Now and Thanksgiving

Between now and Thanksgiving... 3,000 children worldwide will be diagnosed with cancer. One third (1/3) of them will have brain cancer. Our family was one of those families. Our perfectly healthy nine-year old daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in the days before Thanksgiving.

Getting Ready for the Shamrock Smash

Gabriella asked us to continue the fight to find less damaging treatments for kids with brain cancer and we are doing as she has asked. Our 3rd Annual “Crack the Cure” Gala is quickly approaching it will directly fund scientific research and help us fulfill the

Our Daughter’s Killer

Two years ago today Mark and I went to see our daughter's killer. Our beautiful, bright, loving, carefree girl was stolen from us. She was abused, tortured, drugged and, after we helplessly watched this happen for 11 1/2 months, she was killed. I felt, and still

Three years ago this morning…

Three years ago this morning our family had its last few minutes of normalcy and innocence. We had two happy and healthy kids... And, then our world was knocked off its axel. Gabriella had an MRI scheduled. She had a slight palsy in her face and

Two years ago, today…

Two years ago, today, we buried our Sweet GG. On Halloween morning. It makes me ill to think about it. How can it be two years already? It feels like yesterday. I can honestly tell you that this month has been one of the worst months

Gabriella’s Last Days

I'm sitting in bed, awake, while my husband and son are asleep. I've kept away from looking at photos and reading the dozen upon dozens of messages that I've received today. I'm so glad that we went out of town. I'm not certain how I would


Three years ago today this picture was taken. Twenty-three days before our lives were forever altered with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Two years ago today Gabriella came home on hospice. Five days before our world crashed when Gabriella died. I look at pictures like this where