If you, or your business, are interested in planning an event to raise funds on behalf of Smashing Walnuts, please complete the following form to provide us with basic information about your fundraising idea.  We are excited about all offers to help and want to enable you to start implementing your idea as soon as possible!  After receiving your completed form, we will promptly respond by sending you our foundation’s guidelines for Third Party Fundraisers.  These guidelines outline permissible uses of the Smashing Walnuts name and logo during the promotion of your event, along with other information relevant to your generous offer to assist us.

We look forward to hearing about your marketing and fundraising ideas!


Please include the following information in the body of your message.

  1. Please describe the products or services designated for your fundraising campaign. Please include the price range and percentage of proceeds to be donated or in the case of a fundraiser the activity name and briefly describe your proposed activity, including dates, venues and durations as well as how funds will be raised (i.e. ticket sales, sponsorships, auctions, raffles, etc.)?*For Fundraising events only: Does your event require a license? (please note that certain gaming events such as raffles or bingo require registration and licensing that vary by state)

  2. Please describe how you will account for and process all donations.

  3. What ideas do you have for marketing your fundraising campaign (i.e. in-store promotions, on-line promotions, other communication platforms, etc.)?

  4. If you would like to use the Smashing Walnuts name or logo in your promotions, please describe the geographic area and timeframe for your marketing campaign.

  5. For Fundraising events only: Names of any other beneficiaries and if so please identify the percentage of funds raised to be given to Smashing Walnuts.

  6. For Fundraising events only: Please describe your marketing strategy for your event (i.e. Invitation, press release, flyers, radio/TV/printed ads, social media, etc).

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    After reviewing you proposal, we will promptly review your offer and get back to you by e-mailing a copy of our “Cause Related Marketing Requirements” or “Fundraising Event Requirements” to you, along with any other information we feel is relevant to your particular fundraising idea.  Thank you once again for your offer to help.  Our success is dependent on supportive people like you!