• Each year in the United States approximately 4,400 children are diagnosed with childhood brain cancer.
  • Brain cancer is the most common childhood cancer and it has the highest mortality rate.
  • Childhood cancer is grossly underfunded.

Smashing Walnuts’ mission is to change this.

The goal of the Smashing Walnuts’ Gift of Life campaign is to provide scientists and their labs
with 1,000 hours of paid research time.

To reach this goal, we need to raise $432,000.
Would you be willing to fund one hour of brain cancer research to help save our children?
What about more than an hour?  No amount is too small or too large.

Your donation of $432 will provide 1 hour of research. Automatic monthly payments of $36,
roughly $1 a day for a year, can be set up with your credit card. Remember, no donation is too
big or too small. Every dollar raised, minus minimal payment processing fees, will fund valuable research time.

Gabriella loved finding meaning in numbers and sequences.

9 –> How old Gabriella was when she was diagnosed.
18 –> Symbolizes Life. Gabriella’s life was cut more than in half. 9 x 2 = 18
36–> 18 x2 = 36 or Double Life.  Your monthly donation of $36 could help to one day double a child’s life.

$36 is the monthly payment of $432 needed to fund 1 hour of valuable research.

How can I donate?
You can donate online or by mail.

To donate online simply fill out the form below.

If you prefer to submit a donation by mail, checks may be made out to Smashing Walnuts Foundation and mailed to:

Smashing Walnuts Foundation
PO Box 342
Leesburg, VA 20178

Are there other ways that I can donate?
For more information about donating stock or making a bequest, please fill out the form on our contact us page.
A representative will contact you with details on our donation programs.

Don’t forget to check with your employer to see if they sponsor a matching gift program and you can multiply
the impact of your donation! Please email necessary paperwork to info@smashingwalnuts.org or mail it to the address above.